Neil Richardson


December 1943, Four Gables, Horsforth.


Grew up Yeadon, lived in Oxford, Lincoln, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, Birmingham and now lives in Orleton, Herefordshire

Date of Interview

13th January 2022

“You have my permission to publish”

Neil Richardson (14th February 2022)

I had been looking forward to interviewing The Reverend Doctor Neil Graham Richardson for a while and there were some technical problems at the beginning of this interview but stick with it, they do go.

We start with a chat about Prime Minister Boris Johnson – opinions on his leadership qualities and whether he should resign? We cover a lot of ground: Coronavirus, anti-vaxers, church congregations and the difficulties (or not) of studying Ancient Greek and Latin.

Neil is a Methodist Minister and has held many senior posts in the Ministry. His position as the Methodist President led him to meet the Queen three times – hear about the chat between the Queen and his eldest son.

He has written a book about St Paul’s Letters and his understanding of God which formed a part of his PHD. This Reverend Doctor can also lay claim to love at first sight when he met Rhiannon in 1971.


Interviewer: Carlo Harrison

Recording Editor: Carlo Harrison

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You can listen to the entire recording by clicking the start arrow or, you can move the slider to one of times shown for the headings opposite, they are a guide to the many things we chatted about.
Boris Johnson – Resignation01.05
Church Congregations04.40
Coronavirus – Anti Vaxers07.35
Parents & Twin Sister Jean09.20
Ancient Greek & Latin13.50
Childhood Memories17.10
Love At First Sight22.50
Children, Mark – James – Simon & 6 Grandchildren24.40
Methodist Minister26.15
Meeting The Queen39.50
Sierra Leone44.50
St Pauls Letters49.10
Running 13 Marathons55.20
The Queen – Prince Andrew – Prince Harry59.15
Advice To Younger Self62.30


Please take into consideration when listening to these interviews that the meaning of language changes over time and that interviewees have not intended to cause offence by anything said which now may be thought to be unacceptable.

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Recording this social history, chatting to different people about a whole host of subjects is a real pleasure, such an interesting and I think worthwhile project for people to listen to both now and in years to come.

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