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Joan Peel


January 1931, Horsforth.


Grew up in Horsforth now lives in Yeadon

Date of Interview

23rd July 2019

“I am happy to give you permission to use my interview and photographs on the website”

Joan Peel (telephone conversation 2nd February 2021)

When I first interviewed Joan Peel in 2019 I found a bright articulate 88-year old with a great sense of humour. When we caught up on the phone two years later she hadn’t changed a bit.

Born in 1931 Joan has interesting stories of her school days during WW2 and teenage years just after the war. She left school and started work at 14 and it was as hard as you would imagine – being at school one minute and the next being a young tailor with the highest of standards of work expected of you.

Joan has a lovely sense of humour – when I asked her if it was love at first sight when she met her husband Owen at a dance her answer was: “It was for him”.

A very easy chat to listen to.

Interviewer: Carlo Harrison

Cataloguer: Fiona Quinton

Sound Engineer David Myers

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You can listen to the entire recording by clicking the start arrow or, you can move the slider to one of times shown for the headings opposite, they are a guide to the many things we chatted about.
Parents – Tailors
Teenage Years 1946
Owen Peel (Husband)
Smoking & Drinking
Owen – Passing
St Andrews Church, Yeadon
Family Life – Owen
Horsforth Featherbank School
Working Life – Tailoring / Factory
School Days in WW2
Crompton Parkinson’s
Hilton Grange Children’s Home
Health (at 88) 
Brexit & Boris Johnson


Please take into consideration when listening to these interviews that the meaning of language changes over time and that interviewees have not intended to cause offence by anything said which now may be thought to be unacceptable.

Recording this social history, chatting to different people about a whole host of subjects has been a real pleasure, such an interesting and I think worthwhile project for people to listen to both now and in years to come.

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Carlo Harrison