Angela Klawitter


February 1959 in Knossington, Leicestershire


Lived in Melton Mowbray and King’s Lynn, Norfolk and now lives in London.

Date of Interview

23rd June 2021

“Hi Carlo, yes I would love to contribute to your Back Chat project.”

Angela Klawitter (12th May 2021)

Angela Klawitter has an intriguing story to tell – not just about herself but about her parents. Her father Hans was a German soldier in WW2 having volunteered at 17. He was shot and following hospitalisation became a prisoner of war in the US and then shipped to the UK as a Prisoner of War in Leicester.
It was here that her parents met, and a romance began. They wrote to each other daily and Hans also corresponded with his mother and brother trapped in East Germany after the war.
Angela has now self-published these letters in two books.
This is by no means the whole story; Angela has a tale to tell about her own life too. The dubious joys of British caravanning; skiing and the effects of age in this sport; a career in Pension Fund Management and all balanced with hobbies including learning Spanish and making stain glass windows.
It is a truly fascinating interview.

Interviewer: Carlo Harrison

Cataloguer: Fiona Quinton

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Early Life – Leicestershire01.10
Government – Coronavirus03.45
Parents – Father – Hans, Mother – Jean10.10
Father Shot In France – PoW USA – PoW UK10.35
Parents Meeting – Leicester14.50
Siblings – Liz (Teacher) – Pip (Teacher) – Peter (Medical Equipment) – Ian (Wine Merchant)19.35
Education – Leicester – Norfolk22.40
Childhood Holidays – Germany – UK Caravanning26.50
Childhood Christmas31.30
Husband Alan – Holidays – Skiing 33.40
Working Life – Pension Funds Manager36.50
PoW and Love Letters43.00
Published Letters52.35
Hobbies – Dogs – Making Stained Glass – Spanish53.55
Royal Family57.50
Climate Change1.00.15


Please take into consideration when listening to these interviews that the meaning of language changes over time and that interviewees have not intended to cause offence by anything said which now may be thought to be unacceptable.

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