Andrea Hinckley


November 1964 at St Mary’s Hospital, Armley.


Grew up in Bramley and now lives in Yeadon.

Date of Interview

24th July 2020

I am very happy for you to publish my interview

Andrea Hinckley (29th June 2021)

Lots of people will know the happy, welcoming faces of Andrea and Paul Hinckley from inside their ice cream van at Yeadon Tarn (or Dam if you prefer!) or at their ice cream parlour on Ivegate in Yeadon.
Andrea has had a full and busy life but one that has had a dark side too when Paul was diagnosed with bladder cancer.
Andrea’s early days were spent in Bramley with an ambition to work in a bank but that didn’t happen. However she was a money collector for a milkman; a bell ringer at church weddings; an ice cream seller and owner of a tea shop on Baildon Moor and she hasn’t stopped working for over 40 years.
Andrea is a truly lovely lady and you will enjoy listening to her so sit back and enjoy this outdoor chat.

Interviewer: Carlo Harrison

Cataloguer: Fiona Quinton

Sound Engineer David Myers

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You can listen to the entire recording by clicking the start arrow or, you can move the slider to one of times shown for the headings opposite, they are a guide to the many things we chatted about.
Bladder Cancer03.15
Coronavirus – Government Action20.40
Parents – Dorothy (Baker) – Kenneth (Electrical Engineer) – Bramley29.25
Sister Julie35.20
Early Life – Bramley36.10
Broad Lane & Abbey Grange High School – Bramley37.15
Ambition – Bank Work39.00
Married Life – Husband Paul – Children – Lauren (Teacher) – Holly (Baker & Financial Services)39.55
Working Life – Money Collector – Bell Ringing – Youth Opportunity42.40
Ice Cream Seller – Van & Shop In Ivegate, Yeadon46.40
Tea Rooms – Baildon 1.03.50


Please take into consideration when listening to these interviews that the meaning of language changes over time and that interviewees have not intended to cause offence by anything said which now may be thought to be unacceptable.

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