Maurice Wray


24th October 1934 in Chapel Allerton, Leeds


Grew up in Chapel Allerton has lived in Hunslet, Horsforth, Yeadon, Huddersfield and Cookridge 

Date of Interview

15th January 2020 at the Grove park Care Home In Meanwood, Leeds.

“Having discussed it with my dad, he has said 'I'm happy for you to publish my interview and the photos that we have forwarded, on the Back-Chat website'.

Many thanks

Ian (Ian Wray 30th November 2020)


I interviewed Maurice when he was 85-years old and living at the Grove Park Care Home in Meanwood, Leeds. This interview is full of life from motorcycling to WW2 in Leeds; the Orient Express; movie making and an interesting view on Prince Harry's plan to step down from royal duties.

Maurice suffers from Vascular Parkinsonism and his speech is measured and quiet, so you will need to turn the sound up to hear him but it's worth it because his life story is fascinating, I am so pleased he was brave enough to let me and our sound engineer David into his room with all our recording equipment.

It was a pleasure to meet him.

Carlo Harrison

Interviewer: Carlo Harrison
Sound Engineer David Myers
Cataloguer: Fiona Quinton

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You can listen to the entire recording by clicking the start arrow or, you can move the slider to one of the times shown for the headings opposite, they are a guide to the many things we chatted about.

Family Life00.50
Childhood - Chapel Allerton01.20
School Days - Leeds02.30 
Working Life - Dentistry04.05
Working Life - GPO Engineer08.00
Married Life16.35
Motorcycling 17.40
WW2 - Leeds22.00
Evacuation - Nidderdale27.40
Caravan Club30.40
Photography - Film Making - Motorbikes33.25
National Service - Royal Signals37.40
Orient Express42.10
Movie Making44.00
Global Warming48.50
The Royal Family49.15

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Carlo Harrison