Ian Wray


3rd April 1962 (Horsforth)


Grew up in Yeadon and now lives in Becketts Park, Leeds

Date of Interview

25th February 2020

“I would be happy to be included in your back chat website, so please go ahead.

I will look forward to seeing the page.”

Ian Wray (31st August 2020)

You have to say that Ian Wray is a hardworking man who puts as much effort into his work as he does into his hobbies - all of them have to be done right, or not done at all. He has not had an easy life - at times there were some ups and downs - but listen to his story and Ian shows that there is a path through tough times. He was an armed police officer which is not a job for the faint hearted. Motorsports, martial arts, mountaineering and photography help to complete Ian's fascinating interview.

Carlo Harrison

Interviewer: Carlo Harrison
Sound Engineer David Myers
Cataloguer: Fiona Quinton

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Elderly Parent with Parkinson's (care home)2.32
Family Life11.25
Wet Fish Shop (Yeadon) 16.12
Tates Shop & High Street Shops 17.25
Engineering, Climbing, Photography 21.20
Childhood 26.14
Rawdon Littlemoor & Benton Park Schools 27.09
Death of Daughter33.44
Marriage Breakup & Remarriage37.05
Working Life, GPO & Police39.22
Armed Police48.01
Mountaineering 52.19
Global Warming1.05.10


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Carlo Harrison

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