Fiona Quinton

Fiona Quinton


13th April 1960 Four Gables Maternity Home, Horsforth


Grew up in Yeadon now lives in London

Date of Interview

6th May 2020

Hi Carlo

I hereby give you permission to publish my interview and photographs

Fiona Quinton

Fiona Quinton is a Yeadon girl now living in London. Her parents owned the Handyman Stores in Kirk Lane which was a part of her childhood. Her career was in the world of journalism becoming a travel writer and travelling the world and becoming the travel editor of Teletext. Fiona is a vital piece of the ongoing Back Chat development too. Her interests are criminal courts, local history and graveyards.

Sit back and listen to understand more about that.

Carlo Harrison

Interviewer: Carlo Harrison
Cataloguer: Fiona Quinton

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Coronavirus, London. 1.07
John & Eileen Quinton 14.55
Handyman Stores, Kirk Lane, Yeadon 15.09
Family Life, Sister carol Lesley 19.51
Life in London 21.17
Westfield primary School & Aireborough Grammar School 25.01
60th Birthday Celebrations 26.55
Gap Year 28.19
Cardiff University 29.47
Working Life, Research, Journalism, Travel Writing 31.22
Teletext, Travel editor 41.45
Children, Finlay & Maud Quinton 46.45
Back Chat Database 48.33
Working life, School website London 52.06
Residents Association, Community Activities, London 55.37
Colney Hatch Asylum, Mental after care association, London 58.32
Interests, Criminal Courts and Graveyards 1.01.06
Brexit 1.05.55

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