Arnie McCann


12th November 1926 in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire


Grew up in Mansfield and Yeadon where Arnie lives now

Date of Interview

22nd March 2019

“ I give my permission for you to use my photographs and interview we did last year."

Arnold McCann

Arnie McCann born in 1926, is as lively a 93 year old as you are ever going to find. At the time of writing, Arnie is on an 8 week holiday in Andalucia with his daughter and her husband. Music is what flows through Arnies veins - he has been a musician since he was a school boy, and played in Yeadon Old Band as well as attending the Royal Military School of Music when in the forces. He has played on stage and television. When playing at Yeadon Airport he had Amy Johnson walk over to listen to the band playing. He has worked at the mill as a boy and a man but has never lost his love of playing music. A full life story!

Carlo Harrison

Interviewer: Carlo Harrison
Sound Engineer David Myers
Cataloguer: Fiona Quinton

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General Strike05.08
South View School06.18
Performing On Stage, Mansfield08.00
Yeadon Old Band10.16 
Trades Hall11.34
Salvation Army Hall12.12
James Ives12.53
WW2 Royal Navy15.27
Kenneth Ives16.40
Army Musician24.10
Bernard McGill25.10
Cartwrights, Rawdon26.40
Hussars Band30.40
Royal Military School of Music London32.40
Max Moore Quartet36.45
Jean Shepherd Wedding39.00
Geoffrey Knowles46.06
Silver Cross, Guiseley52.40
Bandstand, Yeadon Tarn (Dam)55.30
Amy Johnstone56.30
Yeadon Tarn (Dam)57.00


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Carlo Harrison